Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gases and Climate Change

Hypothesis:If the fire enters the bottle then the gas inside the bottle will ignite causing soot and dark colored gas will develop.

Observation: when the fire is held close to the cap of the bottle it seemed like a blueish orangish fire lit and shot the bottle 8 ft. Back. There is some condensation in the bottle and black soot on the very bottom.

Combustion: Combustion is a process of which when two or more chemicals are combined to produce heat or fire.

Co2 gas demo: when the baking soda and vinegar is confine then but on the flame the flame will go out

Observation: The carbon dioxide put out the flame because it deprived it of oxygen

Hydrogen gas:

Hypothesis:If the atoms split then it will buble and fizz and the fire will go out but it will take some gas with it

Observation: when the metal was introduced it bubbled fizz And smoke formed then when the fire was introduced it broke down the metal i t sounded like rice krispies except 10x louder ( snap crackle and pop!)

Air Pressure
Air pressure has total control over the weather because it controls the moisture in the air and can change weather patterns by changing the circulation.

Hypothesis: If the soda can is heated and then placed in the ice bath it will crack and steam up.

Observation: When the soda can was placed on the burner the water inside turned to vapor and I could see it come out as vapor from the opening on the top. When it entered the ice bath nothing happened.

Hypothesis: If the soda can is heated and then placed in the ice bath it will crack.

Observation: The soda can was crushed from the sides.

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