Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten years of Chernobyl Era

1. What are "curies"?
2. What were the precautions they took so that this wouldn't happen?
3. What are other nuclear plants doing to prevent this from ever happening again?
4. Did they know the risks of there test before they started experimenting?
5. Where did they send their children to get away from the radiation? Was this location also contaminated?
6. What other countries were affected?

Monday, August 30, 2010

5 Questions for the Panal

1. Can the water seep under the clay cap?
2. Is it possible that the toxins still remain?
3. Do the toxins stay in the air like it did with the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima?
4. Can it be contained if it reaches the water again?
5. How isolated is the Love Canal?

8/30/2010 Catalyst

Precipitation caused by the blizzard of 1977 overfilled the canal with snow and water.Sp ring came early that year and melted all the snow really fast. All that water was forced under the canal forcing all the toxins to ooze out of the to. Some of the health hazards are death, cancer, liver problem like liver disease, central nervous problems,and birth defects like a cleft pilate and an exa set of teeth. Other ecosystems in the creek were contaminated. Animals in any ecosystem that ate or drank from the creek were also poisoned.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hazards of Oil Dispersants

Spraying dispersant on the oil slick does not exterminate the oil, it just spreads it out.It will take decades for the oil to be disposed of, which means for decades the oil and toxic disperants will be causing cancer, tumors, birth defects, mutations, lesions, organ failures, etc; Let alone being lethal to animals because it can enter skin and organs easily.

Dispersants are making the oil sink to the bottom, not only killing the coral reefs and other ocean floor sea creatures. Eventually in the future the oil will rise to the surface because about 99% of the original spilled oil is still in the ocean.

I am not sure if the corexit or the oil is worse, but together it's amazingly horrific.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

*th Grade DLC Reflection

Chemical Dispersants

1.)How does it affect wildlife?
2.)How long will it take for the oil be disposed?
3.)Does all the oil become disposed?