Monday, January 3, 2011

Harvest Of Fear

1. What is a GM Crop.
A GM crop is a crop that was genetically altered.

2. List 2 arguments FOR the growing of GM crops
Two arguments for growing GM crops are that they will be higher in
nutritional value than regular crops and farmers would not have to use
pesticides letting them avoid great losses and enable the produce to
be less of a cost.

3. List 2 arguments AGAINST the growing of GM crops.
Two arguments against frowning GM crops are that they will pose as
health risks to certain people and hurt small farmers.

4. Practice this simulation until you get the largest ears of corn. How many times did it take you?
I strongly feel that crops should be labeled if they have been
genetically modified because people need to be informed of what they
are introducing to their body, good or bad. Especially if it may pose
health risks to certain people. If a candy bar was made in a factory
that produces nuts, even if there is no nuts in the candy bar they
have to label that it was made near nuts.

5 tries

5. List two foods and desribe how they are being modified.
Petunias are being tested on to change their coloring and resistance
to pesticides.

Fruit are being modified to low sugar content, fruit ripening cycles,
and pest resistance.

Do you think food should be labeled if it has been genetically modified? Why or Why not?

I believe that food should be labelled if genetically modified because people have a right to know what they are voluntarily putting into their body. We should not make an exception to putting GMO ingredients on the labels because the processed materials could be fatal to one's health if they have a certain abnormality. Also, if company's are putting processed ingredients is their a reason to exclude GMO ingredients? I do not think so.